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Because 800 children are born deaf every year in Pune? 650 of those children do not have the ability to receive a proper education in Pune. These children are born deaf but they are not born mute.

We’ve decided This time we will join the Sewa Uk Rickshaw team of 90 participants!! and do this fantastic challenge that has been set up to help these kids.

The challenge is that we have to self drive a Rickshaw from Kanyakumari to Ahmedabad, with a group of 3 drivers per Rickshaw and anything from 110 to 270 Kilometers a day! 

The charity now supports over 125 children to help them hear and speak with the assistance of over 35 teachers, hearing aids, providing speech therapy and most importantly through the specialist Swaranaad pre-school. The children learn language, mathematics and general knowledge. The Swaranaad pre-school encourages and gives each child the confidence to join mainstream schools and continue their education.

I would like to motivate you to Donate as heartily as you can so we can reach this target and help these kids. We can make a small donation to the charity and achieve a massive impact on the future of these kids.

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